Knife Skills 101

Having great knife skills is a great and surefire way of making great food that looks good as well. If you’ve seen the movie, Julie & Julia, you might recall the scene where Julia Child chops away at 30 pounds of onion after being humiliated in her very first professional class. The scene shows you finesse and knife cutting skills that could match the chef knife cuts from a Michelin star restaurant.

If you want to learn how to chop veggies and other food items like that, you should begin by learning to hold the knife correctly.

This requires a lot of practice till you get perfect.

You could copy what Julia did and get 30 pounds of any vegetable you love to eat and have at it till you get bored or become perfect. So that the food doesn’t go to waste you should think of dropping it at a homeless shelter or make casseroles or pies with it and drop those off for the needy.

Coming back to practising chef-like knife skills, besides the correct grip position and the way of chopping or cutting a particular fruit or vegetable, you also need to know one more thing – keeping your knife super sharp.

That is key to amazing knife skills.