Stephanie Reviews the Best Juicers on the Market

Stephanie Reviews the Best Juicers on the Market

If you have been juicing for awhile, you know the benefit of getting one of the best juicers on the market. Many people start out with a basic centrifugal juicer only to realize it doesn’t extract all of the liquid. This leaves behind a wet pulp containing most of the nutrients. That is why most people juice! Juicing unlocks vitamins and minerals we wouldn’t be able to digest because they are locked inside the cell walls.  


You can get a lot more out of your fruits and vegetables from a high-quality juicer. You will be able to make more juice without worrying about overheating the motor. Some juicers will even help your beverages keep for longer amounts of time. You may want to know more about the types of juicers on the market. This will help you make the best choice for your needs. I will outline types of juicers and the top juicing machines in each category.




These juicers are high speed with multiple blades. You will want one of these if you live a fast-paced life. They have larger feed chutes, which help you cut down prep time. Some models can even juice whole apples. Because of the high shredding speed, centrifugal juicers often cause more oxidation. This can affect the flavor and degrade nutrition. The method of extraction is not as efficient as other juicer types. However, centrifugal juicers cost less, work faster, and are the easiest to maintain.


Breville Juice Fountain Duo

This juicer has a 1200 watt motor that powers through produce quickly. On top of that, it is fairly quiet. You don’t have to worry about waking up your family to get your early morning juice fix. The Juice Fountain Duo also has 5 settings. This allows you to change the speed depending on what you are juicing. This means you can get more out of your produce, and get less foam.


Jack LaLanne Anniversary Edition

This is a very affordable model. It is also surprisingly well built and reliable for the low price. It has two juicing speeds and comes with a convenient, covered pitcher. If you are new to juicing, this is a great machine to start with.


Masticating or Slow Juicers


Masticating juicers use a bladed auger to crunch produce into pulp. At the same time it separates the liquid from the pulp. They are very efficient, which you can tell from the dry pulp they produce. The motor is very slow, meaning you won’t enjoy your beverage as quickly. They also require you to spend time cutting up produce. The feed chute is only around an inch wide. Because they work slowly, they don’t denature the vital nutrients. You will get more juice from a single apple, and all of the important nutrients. If masticating juicers interest you view this.


Omega J8006

This is the top-selling slow juicer on Amazon. It not only juices, but also processes food and grinds spices. It includes every attachment you need. The auger is made from plastic designed to last 8-times longer than it’s competitors.  



Champion has been on top of the juicer game since it all began. The design has hardly changed in the 25 years they have been in production. The body and auger are made of BPA-free nylon composite. The motor is the best on the market. You can run it for long periods of time. It makes a great choice for commercial users. See for more commercial juicer reviews!


Twin Gear or Triturating Juicers


These are the best of the best! They utilize two interlocking gears. These gears pull produce in and release nearly all of the liquid matter, leaving a very dry pulp. They operate at an even lower speed than masticating juicers. The gears put enough pressure on the produce to juice even leafy greens, which many juicers have trouble with. They come at a high price, but are a great choice for someone who knows they will use it often.


Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000

This juicer will handle nearly anything you throw in. You can adjust the pressure, which reduces motor strain, and saves you some trouble feeding produce. The metal teeth have both rough ridges and sharp teeth to get the most out of soft produce and fibrous celery, greens and grasses. It has a durable build with mostly metal parts.

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